Bay Cat and new Flat Headed Cat location

Exciting couple of weeks in Sabah, Borneo. Photos and short video of a flat headed in cat in a new and accessible location far away from the Kinabatangan. Not yet open to the general public, watch this space but the cat and juvenile were viewed twice over a period of 15 minutes from the roadside as the cats were at a stream. Hopefully camera traps will record more sightings. Same forest reserve has tufted squirrel on camera traps along with clouded leopard, sunbear. Numerous slow loris (possible Kayan species as its in the recorded range), tarsier were seen as well.

A few days later an incredibly rare sighting of a Bay Cat at Deramakot spotted by AA Borneo guide with many hours of experience sighting there along with a very well travelled mammal guest on a last minute trip. Sadly no photos but fantastic nonetheless. The sunbear the next day was another bonus.


  • Alan

    That’s awesome news Tom!

  • Miles Foster

    Wow! What can I say? Congratulations on a very rare sighting of the Bay cat. Was the guide Mike Gordon? Congratulations too on the Flat-headed cats and Sun bear. What a trip.

  • Jens Hauser

    You are always finding and opening up new places for spotting, Tom. That is so awesome

  • Jim Spar

    I just returned from Deramakot and also saw a gray-morph Bay Cat and a Sun Bear, along with 19 other mammal species, including Philippine Slow Loris, Bearded Pig, Orang, North Bornean Gibbon, Leopard Cat, Siunda Skunk, and 4 species of civet.

  • AA B Tom

    That’s your B Cat Jim, and probably you will be the only one in that position for a very long time, Mike did not see it, he is not happy )))

  • AA B Tom

    Another Flat Headed Cat @ Deramakot last night, nice photo of it

  • Daan Drukker

    Hi Tom, exciting stuff! The area with the loris, tufted ground squirrel and flat-headed cat, is that also in Deramakot?

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