Rodents from Ethiopia – request for id help.

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Looking at trip reports, the first one of these from the Bale mountains is likely to be Blick’s grassrat, the second – from the Simien mountains Chenek camp – may well be Abyssinian grass rat. But I’m going on what people report rather than a real knowledge of field characteristics. If anyone with a better knowledge could confirm or correct the identification I’d be grateful.

The third is from Tim and Kim Village, Gorgora and I have no idea.

Any help much appreciated.

  1. Chris Roche 3 years ago

    Hi Steve – my understanding is that there are two high altitude Arvicanthis species found in Ethiopia. A blicki is restricted to the extended Bale Mountains, while A abyssinicus is the equivalent north of the rift (and thus the Simiens).

    If you are on Facebook and happy to share your images please have a look at

    The idea with this page is to have a photographic record of mammals found in each of the national parks or other frequently visited areas which people can use to help identify what they see.

  2. Chris Roche 3 years ago

    sorry … the third animal is probably Harrington’s scrub rat, Desmomys harringtoni.

  3. Author
    stevebabbs 3 years ago

    Many thanks for you help Chris. I’ve followed the FB page and will post some images later.

  4. Chris Roche 3 years ago

    thanks Steve – intrigued to see if anyone else has an idea on the Gorgora rodent you posted above.

  5. Author
    stevebabbs 3 years ago

    I appear to be unable to post on the page Chris.

  6. Jon Hall 3 years ago

    Please keep us posted on your final verdict Steve!

  7. Author
    Steve Babbs 3 years ago

    I will do Jon. I haven’t had any more suggestions since Chris’s.

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