Rodents from Ethiopia – request for id help.

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Looking at trip reports, the first one of these from the Bale mountains is likely to be Blick’s grassrat, the second – from the Simien mountains Chenek camp – may well be Abyssinian grass rat. But I’m going on what people report rather than a real knowledge of field characteristics. If anyone with a better knowledge could confirm or correct the identification I’d be grateful.

The third is from Tim and Kim Village, Gorgora and I have no idea.

Any help much appreciated.

  1. Chris Roche 11 months ago

    Hi Steve – my understanding is that there are two high altitude Arvicanthis species found in Ethiopia. A blicki is restricted to the extended Bale Mountains, while A abyssinicus is the equivalent north of the rift (and thus the Simiens).

    If you are on Facebook and happy to share your images please have a look at

    The idea with this page is to have a photographic record of mammals found in each of the national parks or other frequently visited areas which people can use to help identify what they see.

  2. Chris Roche 11 months ago

    sorry … the third animal is probably Harrington’s scrub rat, Desmomys harringtoni.

  3. Profile photo of stevebabbs Author
    stevebabbs 11 months ago

    Many thanks for you help Chris. I’ve followed the FB page and will post some images later.

  4. Chris Roche 11 months ago

    thanks Steve – intrigued to see if anyone else has an idea on the Gorgora rodent you posted above.

  5. Profile photo of stevebabbs Author
    stevebabbs 11 months ago

    I appear to be unable to post on the page Chris.

  6. Profile photo of Jon Hall
    Jon Hall 10 months ago

    Please keep us posted on your final verdict Steve!

  7. Author
    Steve Babbs 10 months ago

    I will do Jon. I haven’t had any more suggestions since Chris’s.

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