Hello mammal watchers.


The tour company NozoMojo runs wildlife focused tours on small ships. We have a few spaces available in 2020 on voyages to two very distinct destinations. We have two spaces in one cabin for a 12-day tour in the waters around Baja California. We have several spaces (single, double) for 11-day tours around Svalbard/Spitsbergen.


The quite realistic sum of marine mammal ticks that participants could end up with from these two tours is around 25, with another 10 not impossible:


Most likely: Blue whale, Fin whale, Bryde’s whale, Minke whale, Humpback whale, Gray whale, Sperm whale, Dwarf Sperm whale, Beluga whale, Killer whale, Short-finned pilot whale, Common bottlenose dolphin, Short-beaked common dolphin, Long-beaked common dolphin, White-beaked dolphin, Pacific white-sided dolphin, Guadalupe fur seal, California sea lion, Walrus, Northern elephant seal, Bearded seal, Harp seal, Harbour seal, Ringed seal, Polar bear. Also possible: Sei whale, Bowhead whale, Baird’s beaked whale, Northern bottlenose whale, Pygmy beaked whale, Narwhal, False killer whale, Harbour porpoise, Steller sea lion, Hooded seal.


We have a limited time discount offer on the Baja voyage, and we have a special discount offer for anyone who would wish to come along to both destinations. Please read more at and contact for more information.

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