Yunnan snub-nosed monkey July 17-23

I’m planning a private one-week trip specifically to photograph Yunnan snub-nosed monkey in the Yunnan province. I’m looking for a travel partner to split the costs with 50/50. I’m organizing the trip through the Chinese biologist Han Lianxian who comes highly recommended in the report by Coke Smith from 2011 shared at this forum ( We will start and end in Kunming and have five full days with the monkeys at Tacheng Nature Reserve (=Baima Snow Mountain NP). The price I have received is about 2,030 USD per person including own room, vehicle (a spacious LDV Maxius V80 Multi-purpose Van), guiding, accommodation and meals. If you would like to know more, please send me an e-mail ( or a message on Facebook.

Best, Mogens Trolle (Danish mammalogist and wildlife photographer;

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