Sichuan Mammal Watching Tour – March 2019 – Royle Safaris Trip Report

In March and April 2019 Royle Safaris ran two back to back Sichuan Mammals Tours with a special focus on the rarer species. We were very successful on both our trips with totals of mammal species over 40 on both trips and all of our main targets seen. This sightings log is from our first tour (March 2019) where 44 species of mammals were seen, including Giant Panda, Red Panda, Pallas’s Cat, Chinese Mountain Cat, Indochinese Leopard Cat, Particoloured Flying Squirrel, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Chinese Ferret Badger, Eurasian Otter and Chinese Pipistrelle.

The second tour (Apri 2019) sightings log will follow in the coming days.

Royle Safaris Sichuan mammals tour trip report

Please let me know if you wish to have further information and if you are interesting in joining our 2020 tours.

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