Advertising: South Africa, September 2019, with WildWings

Mammal watching tour to South Africa. September 2019

Wildwings still have spaces available on this year’s South Africa mammal watching tour. Full details can be found at Past trip reports can be found on the South Africa pages on this site and on the Wildwings website.

The tour visits the well-known spotlighting hotspot of Marrick near Kimberley, and nearby Warrenton for otters, Marievale and Suikerbosrand near Johannesburg for otters and ungulates, and Madikwe on the border with Botswana for Wild Dogs, Brown Hyena and a range of other carnivores and ungulates.

We have had great views and multiple sightings of a wide range of species including Aardvark, Aardwolf, Black-footed Cat, Brown Hyena, Cheetah and Wild Dogs on all four previous tours and regularly have good views of Spotted-necked and/or Cape Clawless Otters, African Wildcat, Smith’s Red Rock Rabbit, Black Rhino and Leopard. We have also seen Zorilla and Caracal. 

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