Trip report Nemunas Delta, Lithuania, 30th of May – 3rd of June 2019

Here’s’s first ever Lithuania trip report. We made a combined birding & mammal trip to Nemunas Delta wetlands, which are considered globally significant and are protected under the Ramsar Convention. Total count of mammals we saw was 142, of which 14 were roadkills and the number of species we saw was 17. Please see the report:
Trip report Nemunas Delta, Lithuania, 30th of May – 3rd of June 2019


  • Conuropsis

    Again nice report. What bat detector do you use to tell the species of bats? I’m always amazed in the these reports that people are able to identify bats without seeing them close up. Just wondering.


    • Olli Haukkovaara

      Andrew, I have Pettersson Elektronik D-980, that I have been using few decades and Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro. I’m using often both of them at the same time, Echo Meter saves automatically all the sounds, D-980 is more sensitive, picking sounds from longer distance.

  • Jos Stratford

    Nice trip report, Lithuania is indeed rich for mammals. Of the mammals you missed, it is not surprising you missed the dormice species – Hazel Dormouse is relatively widespread, but arborial and, I think, unlikely to be caught in standard small mammal traps. Garden Dormouse is probably extinct, the ither two are very localised and rare. Wildcat does not exist in Lithuania (but Lynx is increasing) and still there are only a couple of records of Golden Jackal (Estonia is better, but still exceptionally difficult to see there). Bison are in the centre of the country only, around Krekenava – fairly easy to see in winter

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