Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – September 2019 – Last 2 Spaces Available

Royle Safaris is running a group tour to Borneo in September 2019; there are 2 places remaining on this trip. The trip is focused on mammals and in particular the many nocturnal species that can be found in Borneo. We visit Deramakot, Sukau (on the Kinabatangan River) and Tabin. We have arranged extra long night drives in Tabin and cruises in Sukau – these go hand in hand with the extra long night drives in Deramakot, which the location has become so famous for.

We are targeting Sunda clouded leopard, Sun bear, Sunda leopard cat, Flat-headed cat, Marbled cat, Borneo pygmy elephant, Philippine slow loris, Binturong, Borneo orangutan, Proboscis monkey and many more species. We have totaled over 50-60 species on our last 2 tours to Borneo and hope for similar success again. We travel with a thermal imager and also bat detector.

You can find more information this tour (including the dates, price and itinerary) on the below link and of course you can contact me for more information –

Borneo’s Rare Mammals Tour – 2019

In addition to this itinerary we have a very special pre-tour extension which explores the rugged and wonderful Tawau Hills National Park. The brochure (itinerary, dates and price are on the below link), explains the way this extension works and also documents some of the success we had on our first trip there last year. There is a great chance to see some species that you cannot see in the other locations visited on this itinerary; such as Kayan slow loris, Whitehead’s pgymy squirrel, Brook’s squirrel and there is the chance for some very rare species such as Tufted ground squirrel, Hose’s civet and Bay cat (of course these species require a huge amount of luck, but all are known from this location).

Tawau Hills Wildlife Extension – 2019

For more information on how to claim one of these last two spots you can contact me via this forum or email me at

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