New Trip Report: Pakke National Park

Thanks to Tomer Ben Yehuda for spotting this. I posted the previous report from this journey (to Eagles Nest Wildlife Sanctuary) three years ago. The next leg in the trip was also pretty interesting…. has anyone else been to Pakke N.P?

Pakke National Park, 2016: Marc and Peggy Faucher, 3 nights with mammals including Capped Langur, Binturong and Chinese Pangolin.





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  • Vivek Menon

    We at WTI have a bear rehab and reintroduction centre in Pakke for 15 years now and also have run elephant and hornbill projects there. Eagles nest is part of Pakke landscape although is the high altitude part of it. Combined they are one of the best spots for mammals and birds of NE

  • Rauno Väisänen

    I will probably be there with my wife in August, mainly for butterflies, but also trying to see some mammals. The season is a bit challenging, really very wet, and probably not the best for mammalwatching. I will write a short report in September, if we survive the monsoon and see anything interesting.

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