Common pipistrelle in Taipei

Pipistrellus pipistrellus is rare and local in Taiwan, and a likely split (as part of the distinctive Chinese clade). I found two bats day-roosting in Taipei at 25.037046, 121.520348. Look for a small opening under the roof edge, or, better, for droppings underneath.

  1. Manuel RUEDI 1 month ago

    Dear Vladimir,
    P. pipistrellus does not occur much east of Afghanistan (Indian records being dubious). There are a number of other species occuring in Taiwan (I was studying bats several times in that incredible island), including a yet undescribed species living in mountain forests and looking like P. javanicus. So without a good picture of the incisors and at least forearm measurement, ID is pure speculation there.
    Good luck

    • Profile photo of Vladimir Dinets Author
      Vladimir Dinets 1 month ago

      I was sure it wasn’t P. abramus because the echolocation frequency was down to 30 kHz and the fur was too brown, but I didn’t have access to my copy of Bats of Taiwan at the time. There are currently two undescribed Pips in Taiwan, provisionally called P. montanus and P. taiwanus, the ones in Taipei are the latter judging by the frequency. They are supposed to be a forest species but the roost is at the edge of a large park.

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