• Jon Hall

    Great report about an animal I tried – and failed – to see, Thanks Ravi


    • ficustours

      Thanks Jon! I think sighting of the NM just tends to be too random – so it is just a matter of time spent in the right habitat and a generous dose of luck!

  • Venkat Sankar

    Really nice to see that one of my most-wanted Indian mammals seems like a decent possibility. I have family in that region, so hopefully I can manage a wet-season visit sometime to try 🙂

    • ficustours

      Hi Venkat, wish you luck whenever you go looking! I think the hills around Munnar/Palani Hills/Nilgiris (various NP’s and Shola patches) are where most sightings occur (just a gut feeling – no actual data to back it up).

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Would be great to get some DNA and finally figure out if it’s conspecific with the yellow-throated or not.

    • ficustours

      True, some taxonomists believe they are the same species. They look quite different though (I know, hardly definitive).

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