Zambia Trip Report 2019

Our amazing trip to Zambia resulted in 36 mammal species including Lion, Leopard, Serval, Sitatunga, Honey Badger and Spotted-necked Otter.

Please follow the link to see my report in full.

Zambia Trip Report


  • Jon Hall

    Glad to see mammalwatching remains as good in Zambia – and you saw several species I didn’t see in a year there in the 1990s. Great stuff.

  • BenLeigh7

    Thanks. Yes I must say it was very good, we got nice and lucky!

  • Penny Lyon

    Superb piece Ben

  • MIke Paredes

    Great report! I love Zambia, have been to South Luangwa many times, but not to the other places. PLEASE contact African Parks to complain about Nkondo camp. They really need to know about your experience. As you know, they are a great organization and I bet they will rectify the situation. Psyched about Busanga Plains , you really made me want to go there! Thx again for the great read and fantastic photos, as well!

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