New Trip Report: DRC and Okapis

Mathias D’haen sent me this intriguing report a couple of months back: first thing I did was find out a bit more about the park and it seems – just days after Mathias visited – the reserve decided, once again, not to let anyone – even researchers – visit. It is a very dangerous area still. So we agreed it might be better not publishing this for the moment, not least so the park doesn’t get annoyed by having to turn down hordes of eager Okapi spotters.

The park remains too dangerous to visit so far as I know. But the report is already up on cloudbirders and several mammal people have sent it to me. So here it is …. a very exciting report for those who want to see an Okapi (which is just about everyone I guess!). But please don’t pack your bags just yet. If I hear that things have changed I will make a post.

Okapi Wildlife Reserve, 2019Mathias D’haen, 9 days & 20 species including De Brazza’s and Dent’s Monkeys, Obangui Red Colobus and Okapi tracks….



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