Sri Lanka Wilpattu Trip Report

Fantastic 4 Days of mammal watching at Wilpattu in Sri Lanka

Our trip was organised through Bird and Wildlife Team They were great – really professional and well run.

Our guide was Dulan Ranga Vidanapathirana (  He was really brilliant – incredibly knowledgeable and really focused on finding us great sightings.

Four Day mammal List – 33 Mammal Species

  1. Indian Hare                                                         Lepus nigricollis
  2. Giant Squirrel                                                    Ratufa macroura
  3. Indian Palm Squirrel                                        Funambulus palmarum
  4. Indian Field Mouse                                         Mus booduga
  5. Asiatic Long-tailed Climbing Mouse          Vandeleuria oleracea
  6. Indian Gerbil                                                      Tatera indica
  7. Small Indian Civet                                            Viverricula indica
  8. Asian Palm Civet                                               Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
  9. Leopard                                                               Panthera pardus
  10. Fishing Cat                                                          Prionailurus viverrinus
  11. Rusty Spotted Cat                                            Prionailurus rubiginosus
  12. Jungle Cat                                                           Felis chaus         
  13. Ruddy Mongoose                                            Herpestes smithii
  14. Golden Jackal                                                    Canis aureus     
  15. Grey Slender Loris                                           Loris lydekkerianus
  16. Sri Lanka Toque Monkey                              Macaca sinica
  17. Tufted Grey Langur                                         Semnopithecus priam
  18. Sri Lankan White-Spotted Chevrotain     Moschiola meminna
  19. Chital                                                                     Axis axis
  20. Sambhur                                                              Rusa unicolor
  21. Red Muntjak                                                      Muntiacus muntjak
  22. Asian Elephant                                                  Elephas maximus
  23. Wild Water Buffalo                                          Bubalus arnee
  24. Feral Water Buffalo                                         Bubalus bubalis
  25. Greater Short Nosed Fruit Bat                    Cynopterus sphinx
  26. Indian Flying fox                                               Pteropus giganteus
  27. Pygmy Pipistrelle                                             Pipistrellus tenuis
  28. Schneider’s Leaf-Nosed Bat                        Hipposideros speoris
  29. Rufous Horseshoe Bat                                   Rhinolophus rouxii
  30. Bicoloured Leaf-Nosed Bat                          Hipposideros ater
  31. Schneider’s Leaf-Nosed Bat                        Hipposideros speoris
  32. Sloth Bear                                                           Melursus ursinus
  33. Wild Boar                                                             Sus scrofa

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