Pumas of Torres del Paine (private reserve)

  1. Craig Smith 3 years ago

    Great pictures. Where exactly was this? Is there a trip report? I could not see how to link to more info.

  2. bonnie shirley 3 years ago

    Who did you go with? What company/guide? Your pictures are incredible! I want to go!

    • Author
      Mattia from Italy 3 years ago

      Hi all! There is a trip report of mine here in the forum (end of September). Details there. I went with an UK travel agency, and we were allowed to enter in a private estancia. In the Torres NP you can’t walk outside roads, and although Pumas are visible even from public roads with a lot of driving, views are not so good. And there are other conservation issues. We saw 17 different Pumas in 7 days, including a complete hunt, social behaviours, calling for a mate etc.

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