Pumas of Torres del Paine (private reserve)

Hi! More Pumas of Torres del Paine (private reserve). To walk with them, to stay with Pumas for hours on foot and to understand a bit of their world without the barrier of a car or a boat, is a wonderful experience!


  • Craig Smith

    Great pictures. Where exactly was this? Is there a trip report? I could not see how to link to more info.

  • bonnie shirley

    Who did you go with? What company/guide? Your pictures are incredible! I want to go!

    • Mattia from Italy

      Hi all! There is a trip report of mine here in the forum (end of September). Details there. I went with an UK travel agency, and we were allowed to enter in a private estancia. In the Torres NP you can’t walk outside roads, and although Pumas are visible even from public roads with a lot of driving, views are not so good. And there are other conservation issues. We saw 17 different Pumas in 7 days, including a complete hunt, social behaviours, calling for a mate etc.

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