New Trip Reports: Three Easy Mammalwatching Destinations (Monterey Bay, Fraser’s Hill & Queensland’s Dugongs)

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    Charles Hood 12 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this. For Monterey, it is of course a must-do site for birding, so the “start-stop” dates for species there are well known. (The eBird list for Monterey has 499 species on it.) Sabine’s Gull for example is a rare fall migrant, while the more expected Black-footed Albatross starts in early summer and generally carries on into early October. Vivek Menon and I missed albatross this year on an early November boat; earlier in the season you might even see one from shore. Your trip had the expected range of seabirds for mid-fall, but I just want to caution those who don’t bird California often that the bird list is highly seasonal. You have a chance for Sabine’s Gull more or less just one month out of the year and the other 11 months… not. And last, for whales, I do want to recommend Monterey Bay Whale Watch as first among equals. For seabird trips, also look at the trips run by Alvaro Jaramillo (“Alvaro’s Adventures”). / Charles Hood

    • Profile photo of Mattia from Italy
      Mattia from Italy 12 months ago

      Regarding whales, it seems that the Magellanic Strait between Punta Arenas and Porvenir (Tierra del Fuego) is a very reliable place in summer for the rare Sei Whale. They started to come more or less 10 years ago, and now are quite common.

  2. Michael Johnson 12 months ago

    I did the trip in late August, 24th August to be precise, so it sounds as if I might have been very lucky with the Sabine’s gull. The two things I think are unique about this trip is that it was a 12 hour trip with a very small number of passengers. I couldn’t find anything similar with any other company.

  3. Murray Lord 8 months ago

    For anyone looking for Dugongs north of Brisbane, a cheaper option is this morning tea tour in the Pumicestone Passage near Bribie Island: When I did it a couple of years ago we saw several, and the crew told me they see them most days they go out.

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