Uganda Mangabey

Just doing a bit of reading following a trip to Uganda and Rwanda and came across information regarding the status of Grey-cheeked Mangabey.

I read via Wikipedia that in 2007 the now deceased Colin Groves, split what he called ‘Uganda’ Mangabey, from Grey-cheeked and gave it the scientific name Lophocebus ugandae

There is no split and no mention of the race ugandae in the main checklist that I can see so I’m assuming that this split was never more widely recognised?


Thanks, Andy

  1. Paul Carter 11 months ago

    Hi Andy
    The Red List entry for Lophocebus albigena states that “at a Red List assessment workshop in 2016, experts from the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group were not in agreement about a four-species taxonomy and decided to retain a one-species, four-subspecies arrangement for the purposes of the current Red List”.
    ITIS / CoL 92019) also has it as: Lophocebus albigena ugandae (Matschie, 1912) (accepted name)
    Rgds, Paul Carter

  2. Profile photo of Andy Adcock Author
    Andy Adcock 11 months ago

    Many thanks indeed Paul.


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