Uganda Mangabey

Just doing a bit of reading following a trip to Uganda and Rwanda and came across information regarding the status of Grey-cheeked Mangabey.

I read via Wikipedia that in 2007 the now deceased Colin Groves, split what he called ‘Uganda’ Mangabey, from Grey-cheeked and gave it the scientific name Lophocebus ugandae

There is no split and no mention of the race ugandae in the main checklist that I can see so I’m assuming that this split was never more widely recognised?


Thanks, Andy


  • Paul Carter

    Hi Andy
    The Red List entry for Lophocebus albigena states that “at a Red List assessment workshop in 2016, experts from the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group were not in agreement about a four-species taxonomy and decided to retain a one-species, four-subspecies arrangement for the purposes of the current Red List”.
    ITIS / CoL 92019) also has it as: Lophocebus albigena ugandae (Matschie, 1912) (accepted name)
    Rgds, Paul Carter

  • Andy Adcock

    Many thanks indeed Paul.


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