App Review: Guide to the Mammals of Europe from Chris and Mathilde Stuart

There are many mysteries in life. What is the universe expanding into? How can time pass more slowly at the top of a mountain than at the bottom? Why was the ending of Games of Thrones so disappointing? And,now, how do Chris and Malthilde Stuart find the time to produce app after app, and field guide after field guide, while still travelling – A LOT – to study and enjoy wildlife.

I have no idea but am not all that suprised that they have just finished their latest venture, an app-based field guide to Europe’s mammals.

It follows the same format and style as their North American and African mammal apps, treating every species with a good deal of information with ID pointers, including tracks and skulls, through to each species’ range and natural history. There are sound and video files for some species, and you can also narrow down your search by looking only at the species for whatever country you happen to be in.

Some screenshots below show how it looks.

There are some other really nice features like a “compare species X with species Y tool” to get pictures displayed side by side … no more frantically turning from page 54 to page 58 and back of the field guide to see what’s what! There is even a “my list” tool that lets you keep your own list of observations. So I know what I will be updating this weekend!

This is an excellent complement to a paper field guide and is obviously easier to carry in your pocket when out and about. Plus it should also be updated fairly regularly to keep up with the latest taxonomy.

Available from App Stores as “Stuarts European Mammals”.   Jon


  • Miles Foster

    Thanks, Jon. That certainly looks useful. Of course, now I’m intrigued to know what the hedgehogs in the picture are doing and why…

  • Jon Hall

    Ha ha – I only picked them because this was my 1800th species, not for the budding romance of the photo.

  • Jon Hall

    And I have since realised that you can create your own personal list on the App, plus it has other features I didn’t notice like a compare species side by side option. I will edit the review too.

  • Lars Michael Nielsen

    I just discovered that i can’t download the app to my phone as it’s for an older version of Android. 🙁
    Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this or should we ask the authors to updat ethe app???

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