New Trip Report: Ghana

Here’s a great report and I was VERY happy to hear that Robert Nkator is still going strong, finding Pangolins and remembered showing me my first Pangolin over 10 years ago.

I also particularly approved of these sentiments “this was, in design and practice, mostly a birding trip, and we saw over 350 species during our time in Ghana. This meant amongst other things that we did relatively little active spotlighting. However, I had stressed to Robert that we also had a strong interest in mammals and, in particular, that we would gladly trade all the birds in Africa for a glimpse of a pangolin.” I mean, who wouldn’t?

Ghana, 2019: Ben Chapple, 2 weeks & 30 species including Slender-tailed Squirrel, Pel’s Anomalure and Black-bellied Pangolin.


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