Hairy Nosed Otter out and about in U Minh Thuong National Park, Vietnam

Daniel Willcox at the IUCN, who is doing great stuff trying to promote better links between scientists and the mammalwatching community, let me know about a Hairy-nosed Otter that is showing well in U Minh Thoung National Parlk. So just in case anyone is in the neighbourhood…. Let me know if you need more information.

This is all I know from Daniel

“A Hairy-nosed Otter is appearing regularly at a small tourist lake in the centre of U Minh Thuong NP. I had excellent views, twice, within a 10 day period. I went early morning on both days, after being told that otters regularly come to fish in the lake, and in some cases steal from the fish pools in the restaurant there. The otter (it was the same individual) was shy on both occassions, and flushed once a small fishing boat came too close, but one could quite easily sit and watch it for a few minutes if positioned well.”

This is a very hard species to see. If anyone visits please let us know if you see it.


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  1. Curtis Hart 2 years ago

    I fly in to Ho Chi Minh on March 10th, we are contemplating heading over there on the 11th. If there is any more information, or any info at what else is at the park, we love to hear about it.


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