Wakodahatchee Nature Preserve, Delray Beach FL, Marsh Rabbit

On a tip from a friend went to Wakodahatchee Wildlife Preserve last night, Feb 20,2020 looking for Marsh Rabbit.  The preserve is quite small and easy to get into and out of with ample close parking  if you are short on time.  Walked the half mile boardwalk 30 minutes before sunset and had 8 different Marsh Rabbits.  The rabbits were all on the dikes that separate the impoundment areas.

Hispid Cotton Rat are supposed to also be common but I didn’t see any.


Dennis Vollmar

Pompano Beach, FL

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  • Stoil Ivanov

    I recently watched a video on YouTube where a heron was swallowing a probable Round-tailed muskrat might be worth checking for this rare animals too

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