BBC says Primate Watching Officially a Thing (and Russ Mittermeier sees all 80 Genera)

This will be a fun programme from the BBC

I think I have seen 63 genera of primates, though I haven’t been all that focussed on them (at least until I started taking trips with Cheryl Antonucci). How many have you seen?






  • Adrian

    I guess I am still a beginner. 14 wild + humans and uncountable numbers in zoos.

    Well as soon as this ban on travel is over I am off to get myself infected by some jungle species.

    Chimp, Mountain gorilla, Olive Baboon, Chacma Baboon, Vervet Monkey, Blue Monkey, Black and White Colobus, Rhesus Macaque, Black-faced Langur, Brown Spider Monkey, Howler, Squirrel Monkey, Capuchin.

  • Martin Royle

    I am unsure which of the ever changing primate taxonomies is used by Russ and the BBC, but according to my list I have seen 176 species in 61 genera

  • Vladimir Dinets

    My list has 66 genera including Homo (and kipunji probably should be lumped with mangabeys). No idea where number 80 comes from. I’m still missing 6.

  • Jon Hall

    I did a quick count of HBMW and I think they had 78 genera if I counted correctly

  • Vladimir Dinets

    Well, he is the chief editor of the series, so I guess he has to follow their list.

  • romain bocquier

    My list has 97 species in 46 Genius, need to continue the quest !

  • Michael Kessler

    I’m at 140 species in 44 genera, so still a long way to go …

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