New Trip Report: Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

Another report from Tom Clode, this time from one of my favourite national parks anywhere – Mana Pools.  It has been nearly 30 years since I was there and I’m relieved and happy to see that it is still going strong.

Mana Pools, 2019: Tom Clode, 6 days & 16 species including African Civet, White-tailed Mongoose and Wild Dogs.



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  • ROW

    Thank you for this nice report. I was twice in the area back in 2000-2001 with a group of biologists. It remains my favourite park, and hope to be back there someday.
    The close encounter with the elephants in the camp at night sound familiar to me, they feed on the tall Faidherbia trees in Nyamepi and these trees provide also an ideal spot of shade to place your tent under. So ideal combination for close encounters.
    Our species list was more or less the same, except for the mongoose. We saw in addition, a Cape clawless otter in the ponds behind Nyamepi.
    Greetings, ROW

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