Eurasian Lynx

I recently had a nice sighting of European Lynx near Basel, Switzerland. It showed itself for about an hour down to 5 meters. For a time, it was hooted at by two Tawny Owls. Unfortunately, next day it was no longer to be found. Videos are linked here:


Of interest to mammalwatchers might be that I twice seen Eurasian lynx which hidden immediately in the undergrowth. However, when I moved past, went much further on and waited, the lynx reappeared on the road on the same place within about 30 minutes. Also, when later I approached the place again, the cat was crouched only a few meters from the edge of the bush, with its eyeshine well visible. Lynx, at least in Central Europe, are probably used to people passing by without noticing them.




  • Miles Foster

    Thanks, Jurek,

    that’s a helpful tip and nice video. I have also noticed that predators (tigers, foxes etc.) will often sit and wait just inside cover until they assume we have gone.



  • 27Simpson

    Hi Jurek, thanks a lot for your nice Videos about the Eurasian Lynx near Basel. Next weekend I will be in this Region. Would you have any recommondations where is it best to look out for the Lynx, Thanks a lot for your help.
    Kind regards, Simon

  • Fridolin Zimmermann

    Dear Jurek,
    My name is Fridolin Zimmermann ( I am the coordinator of the large carnivore monitoring in Switzerland. My friend David Hetherington from Scotland informed me about your interesting lynx observation. Would it be possible to have more information (coordinates of the observation)? Do you have additional videos where the coat pattern of the lynx is clearly visible? This would enable us to identify the individual. If you agree to provide us with this information you must know that normally all observations are published in our monitoring center (see
    Many thanks in advance for your time
    Best wishes

  • Jurek

    Unfortunately, lynx are unpredictable. I visited the same place twice and could not re-find the lynx. I think the area of Jura and Thal south of Basel can be better. However I do not know of anybody able to predictably find the lynx in Switzerland.

  • Jon Hall

    Thanks Jurek – such a great sighting. I am VERY jealous!

  • rommens Guy

    Hi Jurek
    I’m a Belgian vet and very interested in viewing cats in the wild , as we are visiting switserland in september ( not a mammalwatching trip) I would love to do an attempt in finding it even that I do realize it will be nearly impossible but cats are very territorial so why not have a try, can you please give me a bit more information about the place you did find it?
    Thank you so much
    Guy Rommens

  • Jurek

    Hi Guy,
    I visited this place several times afterwards but I did not see the lynx again. However if you want to try, please write to my private address: jurekdotbirds atgmxdotde.
    PS. By the way, this map suggests that hills of northwestern Switzerland are almost continuously inhabited by lynx:

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