Manas NP, Assam: A Trip Report from a visit in December 2019

A visit to Manas in December last year – one of those scenic national parks that straddle the rich floodplains of a Himalayan River (Manas in this case) and the biodiverse Eastern Himalayas – was productive for commoner mammals of the region, but none of the local specialities that Manas is known to host (Golden Langur, Hispid Hare, Pygmy Hog, Clouded Leopard among that fantastic line up, although, admittedly with limited effort looking for them). For a detailed report please follow link

Dates: 11th to 15th December 2019

List of Mammals Seen

Asiatic Elephant Elephas maximus
Asiatic Water Buffalo Bubalus arnee
Greater One-horned Rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis
Gaur Bos gaurus
Indian Munjtac Muntiacus muntjak
Sambar Cervus unicolor
Wild Pig Sus scrofa
Himalayan Striped Squirrel Tamiops mcclellandii
Black Giant Squirrel Ratufa bicolor
Hoary-bellied Squirrel Callosciurus pygerythrus
Capped Langur Trachypithecus pileatus
Assamese Macaque Macaca assamensis
Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta
Small Indian Mongoose Herpestes auropunctatus



  • Rinchen

    You had a Wonderful expedition. The information is exhaustive and valuable for future explorers. Recently before the outbreak of covid-19 I also had an glance experience of the route but we trekked till opposite of Royal Manas NP in Bhutan side before Mathanguri and went back to Panbang.
    Thank you

    • ficustours

      Thank you for your kind comments and glad that you found the information useful. I hope to explore the Bhutan side (and the wonderful country as I have heard from other visitors) sometime – hopefully not in the not too distant future!

      Did you get to see any interesting mammals on your visit?
      Kind regards

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