Two Mammal Posters for Spain from José R. Castelló

Some of you may already have  José Castelló’s books on Bovids and Canids of the World. If so you will be glad to learn has a new book coming out in October on the world’s cats and hyenas (I will share more details on this before too long).

Meanwhile he wants to share these two beautiful posters on the larger mammals of Spain and Spanish rodents.

Here is the PDF poster for the larger mammals.

And here is a JPG of the rodents.


  • Marcel Holyoak

    Thanks Jose. Beautiful posters and I love how detailed the range maps are. Here is a higher resolution version of the Iberian rodents poster. I took the liberty of posting the link from your FaceBook post below

    “Can be downloaded at high resolution and printed in poster format for personal or educational use:

    As always thanks to the photographers who have contributed: Juan Manuel Pérez de Ana, Toni Alcocer, Jus Pérez Martín, Daniel Garcia Mina, Matthieu Berroneau, Klaus Rudloff and many others.”


  • Jose R. Castello

    Thank you Marcel and Jon!

    • Carol Beuchat

      Hi Jose, I’m trying to find data for mass and height for canids to generate the allometric relationship that I can compare with dogs. This information is in your book, but I’m hoping you might have it in the form of a spreadsheet so I don’t have to create one from scratch. Please let me know if that might be possible.

      Carol Beuchat PhD

  • Jose R. Castello

    Dear Carol,

    Unfortunately, I do not have such information in the form of a spreadsheet. Sorry.

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