• Ben S

    Great report! Your photos bring back memories of that beautiful site and its strange denizen. My best observation was in nearly the same place as yours (I was standing next to the rock rather than on it).

    I’m happy that you found my report helpful. Out of curiosity, what other site did you visit based on one of my reports?


    • benbalmford

      Hi Ben,

      Sorry that I only just spotted this comment – my bad entirely. We’d followed you previously in search of pygmy hippo in SL. No hippo, but some great mammals. That was in Jan/Feb 2020 – a report that I am most of teh way through writing very slowly! Again, your report there was very helpful


  • Maurice Tijm

    What a special place up there in the pyrenees. Fine report including the previous ones by others, I think about the site every summer: damn another year gone :-p. Hope to go there in the future. Desman is a brilliant animal, has it all.

  • samuel

    Nice report. Very interesting to see that the desman remains in the exact same place as the one described in Ben’s report and mine published a couple of years ago. I recognize in your pictures the same rock where I saw the desman as well during the daylight. I didn’t know that desman could live so long.

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