Updated Mammalwatching Checklist @ August 2020

The latest version of my global mammal checklist is available here and also on Scythebill too.

This update differs a little from previous ones. I focussed on improving the common names of species, and the taxonomy of the overall list, rather than recent changes to the Redlist. Many thanks to those who helped with this  project including Murray Lord, Vladimir Dinets, Paul Carter and in particular Don Roberson who was a great help. Any mistakes are very much mine!

In the course of the work I also added about 20 new species, some of which I saw in the Handbook of the Mammals of the World. I guess the two new sugar glider species in Australia and Humboldt’s and Collins’s Squirrel  Monkeys – split from Common Squirrel Monkeys – are most likely to have an impact on people’s mammal lists.

I did not – as yet – include the possible Pampas Cat split though suspect that will be included next time.

I included new scientific names for many species (again largely thanks  to the Handbook  of the Mammals of the World).

I deleted a handful of species and also removed a number of extinct species that haven’t been recorded for over 100 years so are unlikely to feature on anyone’s mammal lists!

If you want to see changes since the last list then scroll to the bottom of the “Changes over time” worksheet.

The worksheet “Divergences from the IUCN list” shows where this list differs from the Redlist.

I know I am not alone in taking advantage of lockdown life to update my mammal list. Yay COVID. So I hope this is useful and might even produce a couple of ‘armchair ticks’.

All comments and criticisms welcome.




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