Survey in the Pamir Mountains: Ovis ammon polii and Capra sibirica


A team of wildlife enthusiasts (USA, Spain and Tajikistan) conducted a field trip to the eastern Pamir Mountains of Tajikistan documenting the number of wild sheep, goats and birds on October 15-25, 2017. We managed to travel from Osh to Murghab. Around Murghab, we looked at three regions Pshart Valley, Ak-Bura Valleys, Alichor Valley, and Jarty Gumbez area (Murgab Co. Hunting concession). In total, we counted 929 sheep Argali and 41 Siberian goats. The video provides a small glimpse into the wildlife safari in Tajikistan.

Here is the report.

  1. Ian Howarth 2 years ago

    No link to “the video”?

    • Daler 2 years ago

      Hello Ian,
      I have just updated the text with the link. Soon we should be able to see the report s well.
      Thank you so much,

  2. Vladimir Dinets 2 years ago

    Wow, almost a thousand arkhar! They were nearly impossible to find in the late 1980s-early 1990s. Lake Sarez was the stronghold for ibex at the time.

  3. Jon Hall 2 years ago

    Report now added – really cool stuff!

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