New Trip Report: The Netherlands

I hope 2020 is finishing well and that despite everything there have been some silver linings to the past 9 months.  I’ve discovered that I love dogs and that gopher watching is even more fun than being able to press the “mute speaker” button during meetings.

I sincerely hope 2021 is a better year for all of us and our mammalwatching. In particular I hope things improve quickly for all those around the world who rely on ecotourism for their livelihoods, and for all the wildlife that also relies, indirectly, on it.

Here’s the second – of four – new reports from Sjef Ollers. This is from a productive spring weekend in the Netherlands – another upside of the year I guess are all those who have been (re)discovering the mammals in their area.

Drenthe and Overijsel, 2020: Sjef Ollers, a weekend & 13 species including Polecat and Beech & Pine Martens.

Happy New Year





  • Ian Howarth

    Very interesting; the in-text web links don’t work for me…?

  • Lennartv

    Nice to see a report from my own country! I hope to post something at sometime this year as well, just as soon as I get my European Wild Cat which I haven’t been lucky with so far.

  • John Wright

    Hi Sjef,
    Always great to see a report on European wildlife – nice one. But isn’t that a Beech Marten in the first photo?

  • sjefo

    John, you are completely right. The captions and running text are consistently wrong in the report. Sorry about that! I always link Beech Marten to Boommarter, which is actually the Dutch word for Pine marten. Wrongly wired in my head, can’t help it : ) Anyway, I am fixing this right now, will send Jon an updated version tonight.

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