Sub £1000 thermal scope

I know it has been covered before but thermal imaging equipment seems to have become a lot more popular recently and, in the hope travel returns to something like normal, I am pondering thermal imaging equipment. This is below the big psychological barrier of  £1000 and looks like it may be good enough to be a useful bit of kit. Anyone any thoughts?



  1. John Wright 12 months ago

    Hello Steve, Richard Webb mentioned this new model to me last week and since then I’ve been reading on-line reviews. I’m seriously thinking about getting the XM22 on what I’ve read so far but I just can’t get hold of one in the UK! They just aren’t available in the UK at the moment as far as I can see, with one company saying they won’t be available from them until March. I’m not sure if the difficulty in the UK is because it is a new product or Brexit ‘teething’ problems!

  2. Author
    Stephen Babbs 12 months ago

    Since I submitted this, I’ve had the same problem. I’ve had quotes of 4-5 months.

  3. Morgan Churchill 12 months ago

    Whoever does get this first, I hope you folks post a review! This device sounds intriguing to me as well, as I could actually afford this model vs all the other ones I have seen people talk about so far!

  4. VLADIMIR DINETS 12 months ago

    There is a new smartphone called Cat S60 with in-built thermal imager. No idea how useful it is for mammalwatching.

  5. VLADIMIR DINETS 12 months ago

    Also, there is a thermal imager called Hikvision for about $500. It has wider angle but poorer resolution; reportedly you can see a vole at 20 m and a rabbit at 50 m. It is used in connection with smartphone and has wi-fi.

  6. Author
    stevebabbs 12 months ago

    The best I could get is Scott country who are expected it in March so I have ordered from them.

  7. Murray Kirkland Lord 7 months ago

    Any updates from anyone who has tried this model yet?

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