Sub £1000 thermal scope

I know it has been covered before but thermal imaging equipment seems to have become a lot more popular recently and, in the hope travel returns to something like normal, I am pondering thermal imaging equipment. This is below the big psychological barrier of  £1000 and looks like it may be good enough to be a useful bit of kit. Anyone any thoughts?



  1. John Wright 2 years ago

    Hello Steve, Richard Webb mentioned this new model to me last week and since then I’ve been reading on-line reviews. I’m seriously thinking about getting the XM22 on what I’ve read so far but I just can’t get hold of one in the UK! They just aren’t available in the UK at the moment as far as I can see, with one company saying they won’t be available from them until March. I’m not sure if the difficulty in the UK is because it is a new product or Brexit ‘teething’ problems!

  2. Author
    Stephen Babbs 2 years ago

    Since I submitted this, I’ve had the same problem. I’ve had quotes of 4-5 months.

  3. Morgan Churchill 2 years ago

    Whoever does get this first, I hope you folks post a review! This device sounds intriguing to me as well, as I could actually afford this model vs all the other ones I have seen people talk about so far!

  4. VLADIMIR DINETS 2 years ago

    There is a new smartphone called Cat S60 with in-built thermal imager. No idea how useful it is for mammalwatching.

  5. VLADIMIR DINETS 2 years ago

    Also, there is a thermal imager called Hikvision for about $500. It has wider angle but poorer resolution; reportedly you can see a vole at 20 m and a rabbit at 50 m. It is used in connection with smartphone and has wi-fi.

  6. Author
    stevebabbs 2 years ago

    The best I could get is Scott country who are expected it in March so I have ordered from them.

  7. Murray Kirkland Lord 1 year ago

    Any updates from anyone who has tried this model yet?

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