Small Mammals in Wilderness (Western Cape, RSA)

On recent visits to Wilderness (2019 to 2021) I photographed the following small mammals:
1. Brants’ Climbing Mouse (Dendromus mesomelas) @ Fairy Knowe Backpackers.
2. Woodland Thicket Rat (Grammomys dolichurus) @ Fairy Knowe Backpackers. This sighting is at the western extreme of its range in South Africa (field guides do not show it west of Port Elizabeth; but Monadjem et al (2015) show it as far west as the Knysna area).
3. Southern Africa Vlei Rat (Otomys irroratus) @ The Wallow Guesthouse.
4. African Mole-rat (Cryptomys hottentotus) @ The Wallow Guesthouse.
5. Cape Dune Mole-rat (Bathyergus suillus) @ Wilderness Ferry Waterside Jetty.
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Paul Carter

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  • Jon Hall

    Nice Paul! Did you see the Molerats by opening up the burrows and staking them out … or were they active at the surface?

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