Help with IDing some rodent species from Kenya

Hey everyone!

After 2 weeks in Uganda with Tomer Ben-Yehuda, I went to Kenya with Sandra Heldstab. We saw some great species over our 9 days there, but before publishing the trip report I was hoping for identification assistance for some of the rodents seen there. See PDF link below. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • Venkat Sankar

    Nice! Looking forward to the report. Here are my thoughts:
    1 – how big was it? The tail looks different from the Gerbilliscus you have afterward, so I wonder if it is Gerbillus pusillus (that would be rather smaller).
    2 – Arvicanthis, I think nairobae is most likely in Tsavo East
    3 – East African Gerbil (Gerbilliscus vicinus), split from G. robustus
    4 – Also Arvicanthis, same as 2
    5 – just guessing here, but maybe Grammomys sp.? Pelage and very long tail look good. That whole genus is a mess in E Africa so a species ID is tough but I guess part of that “ibeanus” group.
    6 – no idea, maybe another Grammomys
    7 – yep, Cricetomys ansorgei

  • giant eland

    Thank you for the reply Venkat! Great suggestions!

    1 – I believe it was a bit smaller- definitely shorter tail with a clear tuft.

    • Venkat Sankar

      Alex – I looked at Mammals of Africa and now I’m pretty sure 1 is Taterillus emini. The ears seem too long and the tail (in comparison to HB) too short for Gerbillus. Medium-sized gerbil (smaller than Gerbilliscus) with a long terminal tuft to the tail and dark naked-soled feet, as in the photo, is also basically straight out of the text for Taterillus.

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