Advertising: Zakouma, Chad — March 2022

Here’s an exciting trip for 2022 from Pictus Safaris – Zakouma looks superb from all I have read about it.

Zakouma, Chad – March 14 – 23, 2022

As most seasoned guides will tell you, Zakouma remains one of the most exciting wildlife destinations in Africa. Nowhere else can offer such a diverse array of must-sees, ranging from the vast 550-strong herd of bush elephant that parade through the bush, all of the ‘big five’, vast herds of tiang and exceptional night drives. Visitors can come across pale fox, caracal, honey badger, striped hyena, serval, wild cat, cheetah, leopard and lion in just a few drives if lucky. And, even for mammal-watchers, the birding is truly spectacular, with tens of thousands of red-billed quelea flocking above the Rigueik Pan making for one of the greatest wildlife spectacles anywhere on earth. Once the preserve of the uber-wealthy, this itinerary offers all this at a great price. Especially for mammal-watchers, we offer an extended fifteen-night stay in the park for £4,995 or our standard six-night stay for £2,995.

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