Rodent ID please..

Dear Friends,

Very sorry to bother you again for rodent ID. Actually I am not very good at rodents identification but documenting them since past 10 years in different landscapes, so have a few of them unidentified. It will be great to your inputs.

Here I need Id help for another rodent species which I have documented in Ladakh in the month of June at about 4500 m.

Please give your valuable inputs to help me identify this.

Many thanks in advance..




  • Jon Hall

    This looks the same species as the one on fhe photos of a “possible Royle’s Mountain Vole” you posted earlier. Why do you think it is a different species?

  • Shantanu Prasad

    Dear Jon,

    Thanks a lot for your input. However, I notice few key differences between these two as mentioned below,

    1. The tail length of this specimen is much shorter (less than half) than the previously shared specimen.
    2. The colour of the tail of this specimen is brownish, whereas the other specimen has white tail.
    3. According to my 8 field observations, I have seen them preferring different habitats. While this specimen preferring human habitation the other preferring wild rocky grassland habitat.



    Blyth’s mountain vole?

  • Avijit Sarkhel

    Alticola argentatus – Silvery Mountain Vole to me – typical habitat rocky grasslands.

  • Shantanu Prasad

    In this picture where do you see rocky grassland Avijit ? Any other pointers for Alticola argentatus ?

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