New Trip Report: Uganda

Hopefully you will have seen Tomer Ben-Yehuda’s report from his January trip to Uganda (it’s worth a read).

Well here is more from the same trip, this time from Alex Meyer. Great photos … this could be a coffee table book, and also an entertaining read, not least to see this mammalwatching bromance blossom!

Uganda, 2021: Alex Meyer, 2 weeks & 78 species including 4 galagos, Uganda Crested Mangabey, Semliki and Ashy Red Colobus, East African Mole Rat, Link Rat plus loads more

They have inspired me to try to get there in July





  • Jose R Castello

    Amazing photos and report, Alex!

  • tomeslice

    Hey, great report, of course!

    It’s worth mentioning that after my report, Alex and I had some back and forth re-examination of some of the photos (well, mostly Alex).. so a couple of small things changed.

    I have revised my report in accordance with our new assessment and will publish it probably tomorrow.

  • giant eland

    Thank you so much for the kind words Jon. Great to hear I’ve inspired THE premier mammal watcher!

    And thank you as well Dr. Castello! Glad you enjoyed it! I was just using your Bovid’s book to look at Suni subspecies for my Kenya report.

    And yes Tomer get on that revision lol! Thanks again for making any of this possible in the first place!

    -Alex Meyer

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