Spain september 2021

Hi everyone. I’m going on a buisness trip to Spain on th 10’th to the 17’th of September 2021 with my boss. It will be quite intensive and i will drive a lot but there will be time for some hours spent in the field. We wil start out in Malaga and drive to Ronda upon arriving. After sleeping and spending a couple oh hours there we’ll drive on to Sierra Andujar and spend the rest of the day  there staying overnight at “La Caracola” and stay in the area till aproximatly midday looking for Iberian Lynx and other exciting mammals, does anyone have tips for Iberian hare in the area? After Sierra Andujar we’ll continue to Extremadura and stay therefor a couple of days before driving to the Western Pyrenees staying in Alquezar and finally driving to Flix were we’ll have a day befor going to Barcelona and back to Denmark.

Any tips on interesting mammals are much apreciated.



Lars Michael

  1. Palani Mohan 3 weeks ago

    Lots of driving in 7 days!! Good luck with the sightings.

    Guessing you have seen this?

    Another forum to approach in case

    • Profile photo of Lars Michael Author
      Lars Michael 3 weeks ago

      Thank you so much Palani

      Yes we will drive a lot i a limited time, but thats part of the job. I will be back later with more time. 🙂

      I saw the first one earlier. I would love to see Mongoose and Iberian hare this time. And lynx of course.

      I made a nine day trip a couple of yeas ago and saw lynx, Wolf and Bear plus some other mammals and birds. Do you know about Wildcat in spain outside Picos?

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