Useful Australian videos

  1. Alan Dahl 1 year ago

    Great videos, thanks for posting them Michael. I am even interested in the peacock spider series on this channel.


  2. Mat Hourston 1 year ago

    Thanks for reposting my videos Michael, much appreciated. I hope the community here enjoys them.

    I plan to do some more wild mammal work like this in south Western Australia. High on the list are the numbats (endangered) and western ringtail possums (critically endangered)

    Thanks again,

  3. Author
    MIchael Johnson 1 year ago

    Hi Mat,

    My pleasure, and great videos, really well produced. Looking forward to future productions.


    Michael Johnson

  4. Murray Lord 1 year ago

    Good stuff Mat. I am due to be at Cheynes Beach in a month (lockdown permitting) so will give your recommended technique a try.

  5. Jon Hall 1 year ago

    These are excellent – thanks Michael (and Mat and Ry). Great stuff. We need more mammalwathing videos I realise after enjoying these so much.

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