• Alan Dahl

    Great videos, thanks for posting them Michael. I am even interested in the peacock spider series on this channel.


  • Mat Hourston

    Thanks for reposting my videos Michael, much appreciated. I hope the community here enjoys them.

    I plan to do some more wild mammal work like this in south Western Australia. High on the list are the numbats (endangered) and western ringtail possums (critically endangered)

    Thanks again,

  • MIchael Johnson

    Hi Mat,

    My pleasure, and great videos, really well produced. Looking forward to future productions.


    Michael Johnson

  • Murray Lord

    Good stuff Mat. I am due to be at Cheynes Beach in a month (lockdown permitting) so will give your recommended technique a try.

  • Jon Hall

    These are excellent – thanks Michael (and Mat and Ry). Great stuff. We need more mammalwathing videos I realise after enjoying these so much.

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