Gray Fox and RFI ideas for Northeast USA?

I think this is a gray fox?


I have some days off about 2 weeks in August but I am not sure what to do as I need to stay within a few hours of home. That leaves me the option of basically anywhere in New Hamsphire, VT, or Maine. Does anyone have any thoughts on good ideas? Last year I tried Baxter Park but I did not have much luck there. The area is heavily forested so chances to see something crossing the road seemed small but I tried anyway only to see some beavers running down the road and nothing else. It was a very nice place to hike anyway though.  I had some other ideas maybe to take a canoe trip or setup cameras to look for pine marten which I have not seen yet.


  • wildlife_watcher

    I found a field guide apparently the coyote is larger and also can have black tail tip so seems this is more likely a coyote.

  • Vladimir Dinets

    A coyote. Gray fox has very different body shape.

  • Tao

    About 11 years ago before I was aware of the mammal watching resources here on this site, I tried to see a moose in the Northeastern area. I went to a town called Greenville ME. I saw one red fox on the road while driving there and another red fox and a coyote in a very short after dinner drive around town. And of course, saw 2 moose’s the next morning. So my impression is Greenville is very wildlife abundant compared to all the other Northeastern places I’ve visited.

  • Kevin Brown

    A few years ago Gorham, Route 16 north, and obviously Route 3 north of Pittsburg NH, were both good areas for Moose.

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