Microtrip Brno, Czechia – European Ground Squirrel

There is a good location to see European Ground Squirrel or European Souslik in Brno, second largest city in Czechia.

The place is an airplane club on the outskirts of Brno: Aeroklub Medlánky, Turistická 67, 621 00 Brno-Medlánky. Sousliks can be easily watched from the garden of a small bar called U křivé vrtule (49.24134800223685, 16.5595955828176 according to Google maps) or roads and paths nearby. They are close to the bar, but binoculars are advisable. Walking on the grassy airstrip itself is prohibited. Public transport from the city center and some walking takes ca 1 hour, but taxis should be reasonably priced.

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