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I hav a little different question and i hope the topic is ok Otherwise admin can remove this post. Can anyone in here recommend good documentaries, podcasts etc.? I know Jon has a great one but whats else out there? It doesent have to be those huge BBC productions I’ve seen several and  they are beautiful. I’d be happy to see a youtube video made by a nerd (ment in a positive way as i believe we are all nerds…) on some kind of rodent i didn’t know about. Feel free to post them below so that we can all be inspired like we do from all those amazing trip reports.



  • Jon Hall

    Lars! Any post that describes our podcast as “great” is totally fine with me 🙂 THanks .. we just had our 2000th download by the way. Looking forward to seeing what others say but for starters I really enjoyed the two short videos posted recently from Australia via the Youtube Channel “Look Closer” Would love to see more material like this.

    • Lars Michael Nielsen

      Jon it IS great and inspiering as well. Especially the last episodes with George Schaller are fantastic to listen to. I really like hes approach to animals. It somhow reminds me of my grandmother hwos now 97. She worked as a biologist till she was 93, studying West African Earthworms. And i can thank her for self being a biologist now and for funny stories like when she forgot my uncle in the chimanzee inclosure at the university of Lagos in the 50’ties.

      • Jon Hall

        Wow .. it is inspiring to hear people still working as biologists at 93. And what a great story. Maybe not for your Uncle … but for everyone else!

  • Michael Johnson

    You are obviously aware of the many wildlife documentaries out there, however they are rarely of much use to mammalwatchers in terms of the “hobby”. Apart from anything else, many of the “scenes”, especially of smaller mammals, are filmed under captive conditions.

    I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos of birding trips as therapy during lockdowns, planning for trips in what seems the distant future when we are allowed to travel again (I’m in Australia, and we will not be able to leave till some time next year). A few of them have some mammal content, I remember one where they had set up to film some rare South American bird only to be shat on by some irate monkeys. A couple to look out for (search YouTube for their channels):

    Greg Baker includes some mammals in his trip videos, especially those with “wildlife” in the title.

    Tropical Birding have quite a good video devoted to a trip to see snow leopards.

    There are also a number of travel documentaries covering areas like Kruger and Yellowstone that emphasize the wildlife. Again they tend to look at it from the viewpoint of the general public, and confine the wildlife viewing to panoramic shots of easily seen megafauna. There are some that are different, for instance one about hiking the back country of Yellowstone looking for bears, however even this one devoted a lot of time to the views.

    The two videos Jon mentioned are great, and it would be good to see more of the same. Plus maybe people recording their trips by setting their cameras to “video” rather than “photo”.

  • Stefanie

    If you’re looking for something that is not too serious, you may enjoy the “True Facts” posts on youtube by zefrank1.
    It’s obviously meant as comedy, but mostly the information is quite correct.

  • Nicolas

    Hi Lars. I have launched a web-series on YouTube a few months ago on wildlife that live right around us. It is called “Vies-à-Vies”. All the images are filmed with camera traps in a radius of 10 km around my home in the South of France. The idea is to show that even near a big city (in this case Montpellier, South France), there is a rather surprising fauna and to show how we share the same environment in our daily activities. The idea is to recreate a link with this wildlife by following several species (European otter, stone marten, common genet, badger…) throughout the seasons, on sites that we find in the different episodes.

    The episodes are available on YouTube :

  • Joshua

    Nicolas, your videos are amazing! I have been a subscriber since you first announced the channel on this forum. I especially love all the different angles that catch. You must have a half dozen cameras set up around some of your spots. I bet the editing takes forever. My only complaint is that I need more. 🙂

    • Nicolas

      Many thanks Joshua for your feedback! Yes the editing takes quite some time. I also record most of the sound separetly so the sound editing and mixing also takes time. But it is fun to do!

  • Jurek

    Hi, jumping on the existing thread. Who can name a documentary which I watched some years ago? It was something like ‘Giants of Denali’. It included footage of big mammals of Alaska, among others a scene were two bull Moose fighting more the less between cars of tourists. There was also a long scene how wolves kill a moose (or buffalo?) on a gravel river island, and then a bear joins in. I think still photos from the same scene were also published in National Geographic Magazine.

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