New Trip Report: Kenya

And here is another report from Kenya, this time from Samuel Marlin who was there in July. Venkat was there in July as well. Me too. So stay tuned for more reports.

Kenya, 2021: Samuel Marlin, 3 weeks & 59 species including Hirola, Striped Hyena, Civet, Somali Dwarf Mongoose and Red-tailed Monkey.



  • tomeslice

    Another stellar report from Kenya!!

    I need to visit it ASAP…

    Looking forward to 2 more reports very very soon! 🙂

  • bonnie shirley

    I’m jealous. I just returned from Kenya and wanted to see a caracal but no such luck. Your serval photo is awesome!

  • Joshua

    The day this was posted, I received an email that looked like Jon Hall had posted his own Kenya report; but clicking the link brings me to this post. Am I mistaken about there being another post? I don’t think so because the email even mentions the help that he had from Charles Hood. Or did it disappear somehow? Perhaps by having two posts with the same name on the same day?

  • Joshua

    I had a couple details scrambled in my brain. It was Charles Foley, not Charles Hood; and Tanzania, not Kenya. But below is the email that I received which doesn’t seem to match the post that it links to:

    New post on
    by Jon Hall – 21st August 2021 10:19 am
    New Trip Report: Kenya
    I was in Tanzania earlier this month: it was a work trip though I squeezed in 4 days in the bush and picked up 39 species (with a lot of help from Charles Foley). Arusha & the Udzungwas, 2016: 4 days & 39 species, including Udzungwa Red Colobus, Sanje Mangabey and a Yellow-winged Bat. Jon
    Categories: General Mammal Watching

    I also just realized that it references 2016, not 2021.

  • craig

    Excellent reports. Thanks. Kenya is on my list for whenever Australia allows us to travel again !
    Craig Smith.

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