Guad Fur Seal and Baird’s Beaked Whale Update

Just a quick note on marine mammals off of California.

Baird’s Beaked Whales were reported from a recent all-day pelagic trip out of Monterey. Good sources for these trips are Alvaro Jaramillo (“Alvaro’s Adventures”) or Monterey Bay Whale Watch. This is NOT a guaranteed species on any trip, but it also was seen this week on a 5-day trip, per details below.

Guadalupe Fur Seals were also seen on an all-day Monterey pelagic boat and also were seen on a 5-day California pelagic trip.

That is birds-first/mammals-second itinerary and is aboard the Searcher out of San Diego. There will be a repeat trip in Sept 2022 that will sell out soon-ish but may have spots now still. It is five days starting Monday 05 Sept 2022. My guess is, the best n0n-Baja chance for Guad Fur Seals is on that trip, and they will get normal stuff like Blue and Fin whales, with an outside chance for Bryde’s or some exotic blackfish species. Baird’s was seen this year but is not to be expected.

To get info / make a deposit, talk to

Celia Condit
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For the 2022 trip, I will be there, and will each day wake up and say, “Look at me, I am not at work!” (since that marks my first semester of retirement, and will be the start of four months of nonstop travel, Covid-allowing). If you want to know the seabird list, email me off-post at
Charles Hood, Palmdale, CA

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