Advertising: Wolverines Photography Tour to Finland, May 2022

Royle Safaris are organising a 4 night tour to Finland from 11-15 May 2022 focusing on Wolverines. Finland is now open to anyone fully vaccinated.

This fantastic photography adventure delves into the old growth, ancient forests of eastern Finland close to the Russian border in search of Europe’s least understood carnivore; the wolverine. These forests and various ecosystems are home to a wealth of wildlife that used to prowl the forests throughout most of northern Europe through to Canada and the northern US, however years of over hunting and urban development have eradicated much of the forests and therefore many of the species.

After three nights dedicated to the wolverines (and other animals that may show themselves around the hide, you will spend time with our specialist local guide and go looking for other wildlife including nesting ospreys, Siberian flying squrrels, European roe deer, and Eurasian beavers. There is also a chance for Wolf and even Lynx.

More details are here.

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