Advertising: Mainland Clouded Leopard Tour, March 2022

Cat fans rejoice – here is an exciting new tour from Royle Safaris

Mainland Clouded Leopard, Nepal: March 9 – 18 2022

After travel to the region, you will have 7 nights in the park to explore the forest both during the day and with some night time activities, looking for as much wildlife as possible. The target of course is the wonderful and elusive Indochinese clouded leopard. There is not much known about the movements of clouded leopards here, and we will be helped by the local rangers as well as information from local researchers and the expertise of “Mr Clouded Leopard” Mike Gordon based on his years guiding in Sabah and focusing heavily on clouded leopards. So we will spend a lot of time walking the trails, scanning slopes and also waiting patiently in certain areas for animals to come to us or walk across the trails.

Other species here include red pandas, Himalayan musk deer, Himalayan tahr, Assamese macaque, Nepali gray langur, and the park’s mammal list is 46 species strong (however this is likely to miss some of the rodents, shrews and bats that also inhabit the region (there have not been comprehensive censuses here).

GBP 2690 per person.  More details are here.


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