Puerto Rico

  1. Tao 12 months ago

    We will be going to Puerto Rico. I’ve been trying to find out where we can find iguanas. Sounds like they are common but I didn’t find any information on where to see them for sure. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Author
      Vladimir Dinets 12 months ago

      Green iguanas are all over the island (more common on the N side), but difficult to find because they are arboreal. Last time we saw one at 18.50329, -67.14286. Ground iguanas are mostly on offshore islands, particularly Mona and Caja de Muertos.
      When are you going? We are going there again Dec 26-Jan 6, I’ll update the file once we are back.

      • Tao 11 months ago

        We will go in February. Winter break here. The San Juan, El Yunque and Farjaro areas.

        • Author
          Vladimir Dinets 11 months ago

          Just found a lot of huge territorial male green iguanas in easily accessible mangroves at 18.02962, -67.18531. It’s a gated area but the guards usually just waive you through, and if they don’t, just tell them you want to photograph the iguanas on the beach.

        • Author
          Vladimir Dinets 11 months ago

          Just uploaded the (sightly) updated version: http://dinets.info/Dinets_PuertoRico.pdf
          This time I paid more attention to green iguanas. Turns out they are very common. Territorial males are easy to spot as they perch on treetops. Juveniles sleep low in shrubs, particularly near mangroves, and are easy to spotlight.

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