Oman Trip Report, December 2021

Trip report for December 2021, Sultanate of Oman, Charles Hood and Mike Richardson, with information on Blanford’s Fox, Muscat Mouse-tailed Bat, Wolf, a short pelagic trip, and Indian Ocean Humpbacked Dolphin.

As with the UAE report I posted yesterday, this opens with notes on travel in the times of covid regimes and also has hire car info, then has sites, then has our species list. Our email addresses are in the report.

Posting trip reports seems to crash the website? Jon is aware of this and I apologize in advance if that is about to happen again.

Trip report is here. With some additional bat records detailed here.


  • Anita Ericson

    Luckily we could not read this report before we went to Oman! In that case we might not have gone…
    We were also there in December and had a much smoother experience.

  • Charles Hood

    Small details can make big differences in any trip. I know multiple British birding groups were in Oman this fall, and none of them had their birding scopes questioned at the airport (so far as I heard about). So our experience was an anomaly I hope. But then Birdquest had hire car issues too, and one assumes their ground agent would have “clout” or “experience”? On our car, our agent, Sacha, had even confirmed it by phone the day before, because we knew our flight was going to be late. They assured him it would be held.

    And yet on the same trip, when I came back into the USA, I transited passport control, the luggage carousel, and customs all at nonstop walking speed — no delay at all, at any stage. One moment I was on the plane and seemingly five minutes later, blinking in the California sunshine, bags in hand, looking for the shuttle to the car park. Who knows why things go perfectly sometimes and less so, on other trips?

    We have collectively asked before about bringing heat scopes along on foreign travel and the answer seems to be, “Take your chances and hope for the best.”

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