New Podcast Episode (the Hall and Foley kids) plus “guess that mammal” competition

From left to right; Ellesmere, Sierra, Katy and Patrick on New Year’s Eve, by Lara Foley.

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Ellesmere and Sierra (Charles’s gifted children) sat down with my disappointing offspring –  Patrick and Katy – to reflect on the highs and lows of growing up in a mammalwatching world.

Ellesmere reveals the real reason to visit the Louvre, and Patrick gives tips on how to stare down a Tassie Devil. Sierra has an overly-close encounter with leeches. And Katy makes a shocking confession about feeling “lucky” to have had a mammalwatching childhood! Words that I can guarantee are going to come back to haunt her on every trip in future.

And if that isn’t enough excitement for the middle of January, then why not try to identify a mysterious mammal call that Charles plays at the start of the episode. More than 99% of mammalwatchers won’t know the answer. You can comment here with your answer, or email us at The winner will be announced during the next episode, featuring Vladimir Dinets, in about two weeks.

Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts (search for “mammalwatching”, one word)



  • Vladimir Dinets


  • Vladimir Dinets

    In Jon’s defense, the dormouse lodge hike in Japan isn’t that bad (I don’t like long climbs myself, but I found it rather pleasant), plus there are supposed to be great views from the top (I wouldn’t know since I only was there at night).
    My favorite memory from traveling with kids is when my daughter, 2 years old at the time, tried to teach an ostrich to dance properly:

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