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Charles Foley and Jon Hall talk to mammalwatchers, biologists, conservationists and those with a passion for observing and protecting the world’s wild mammals. Half hour episodes will be released every two weeks. Look for “mammalwatching” (one word) on your podcast platform.

Charles Foley and Jon Hall interview  José G. Martínez-Fonseca about his journey from part-time bat catcher in Nicaragua to studying for his PhD in biology in Arizona. Highlights include some of his legendary exploits in the field, risking life and limb to capture mammals on the move for the greater good of science and mammalwatchers everywhere.

Here’s the YouTube trailer.

Notes:  Here is an account of Jose catching the Rufous Tree Rat. This is Fiona Reid’s report of the trip on which Jose caught the Water Opossum. And Jon’s report of his 86 mammal week with Jose in Nicaragua. There are dozens of trip reports on looking for Iberian Lynxes in Andujar on mammalwatching’s Spain page. Cover art – Water Opossum, or Yapok – by José G. Martínez-Fonseca.

Charles Foley and Jon Hall interview Peter Zahler about 35 years’ work conserving wildlife in the field around the world. Some of his many achievements include his work in Pakistan where he ran a world-renowned project to save the Markhor from extinction, and rediscovered the Woolly Flying Squirrel, a beast no scientist had seen for 70 years.

Here’s the YouTube trailer.

Notes: Here is more information about Prairie Dog communication that Charles mentioned. This is a piece on the Woolly Flying Squirrel in Pakistan, and this is another on Markhors. Plus a review of the Canon R6 camera. Cover art – Markhor Survey, Pakistan – by Peter Zahler.

We interview scientist, author, artist and tour operator Fiona Reid about a lifetime catching, painting and studying some of the world’s least known mammals. Highlights include bat glamour makeover tips, how to photograph a flying fox’s teeth and why a plane crash is much more frightening if you’ve checked your luggage.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Fiona’s lodge in Costa Rica is called Sylvan. The fierce bat in Papua New Guinea she mentioned was a Black-bellied Fruit Bat (Melonycteris melanops). While the rare bats she captured in Costa Rica were Smoky (Sheath-tailed) Bats (Cyttarops alecto). Here is some more on the elephants walking across China that Charles talked about. And this is the Napo Wildlife Centre where Jon recently stayed. Cover art – Smoky Bat, Cyttarops alecto – by Fiona Reid.

Episode 4, 18 June, 2021. We interview scientist and conservationist Dr Tim Davenport from his base in Tanzania about his many mammalian achievements and adventures during 30 years in Africa. Highlights include a Giant Pangolin rodeo, a flatulent gorilla, and his key role in discovering the Kipunji monkey in Tanzania: one of the most exciting mammalian discoveries of the past 100 years.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Here is a piece + video from CNN on Tim’s work with Kipunji. And here is an article on Magawa, the landmine sniffing rat. Cover photo – Kipunji – by Tim Davenport.

Episode 3, June 1 2021. An interview with Jon Hall about 30 years of mammalwatching and 16 years of mammalwatching.com, seeing a Giant Panda in the wild, and looking for Markhors while hiding from the Taliban.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Jon’s report for Pakistan (2011), China (2005) and Gabon (2018). There are hundreds more on mammalwatching.com. His mammal-rich letter to Father Christmas is here. And here’s a video of him talking about the links between mammalwatching and happiness. Cover photo – Jon’s Giant Panda – by Mr Zhang (Foping Nature Reserve).

Episode 2, May 18, 2021. We interview Cheryl Antonucci about her love of primates, the mountains of Ethiopia and why more women don’t have a mammal list. Don’t miss her encounter with some drunk gorillas.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Cheryl’s trip reports include Panama (2016), Ecuador (2015) and the Sea of Okhotsk (2016) . For more information on Crested Rats see this paper and this one. This is Tyler Davis’s video of a Crested Rat that Charles mentioned. There are some great photos here from the Ethiopian mountains including Bale Monkeys and Ethiopian Wolves. Here is Jon’s report on seeing the gorillas in Rwanda. Cover photo – a drunk Mountain Gorilla – by Cheryl Antonucci.

Episode 1, May 6, 2021. We interview Professor Mac Hunter about a lifetime researching and watching mammals, and his 30 year quest to see every family of vertebrate animal. Highlights include some randy Right Whales, an invisible Aye-aye and that time he almost didn’t see a Numbat.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Mac Hunter’s trip reports include Madagascar, Borneo and Nicaragua. For more information on North Atlantic Right Whales see here. Here’s a video of a Tufted Ground Squirrel. And here is an article on the reintroduction of Cheetahs to an Indian national park. This is a paper on the rediscovery of the Javan Palm Civet, though we hear the tree above the ranger station in Halimun National Park has recently fallen down. Here is Jon’s report of seeing a Solenodon.Charles saw an Aye-aye at the Palmerium Hotel, which is close to Andaside National Park not Ranomafana. Cover photo – a Numbat – by Jimmy Lamb.

Introduction, May 4, 2021. In this introductory episode we discuss why we have started this podcast, what its about and who will be interested. Half hour episodes will be released every two weeks. For more information visit www.mammalwatching.com/podcast.

A video trailer is here.

Notes: Charles’s Big Mammal Day report is here. Dr Charles Foley is a mammalwatcher and biologist who, together with his wife Lara, spent 30 years studying elephants in Tanzania. They now run the Tanzania Conservation Research Program at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Jon Hall set up mammalwatching.com in 2005. Genetically Welsh, spiritually Australian, currently in New York City. He has looked for mammals in over 100 countries. Produced and edited by José G. Martínez-Fonseca mammalwatcher, photographer and wildlife biologist.

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