Traveling february, march 2022

Hello everyone,

I am planning to go on a trip to Brazil this year.
I know it is quite short notice but wanted try anyways.
Are there any people interested in maybe travelling together for a week or so?
Main targets for me are the lion tamarins. But probably will be traveling the South east of Brazil.
Might try to get to the pantanal as well.

Greetings Jens


  • Alex Meyer

    I was there last June! Was an amazing trip. I just finished the report and it should be up on the site in the next few days. Hopefully it can be of assistance. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions!

  • Antoine

    Hi Jens,

    I will be travelling there End of March/Early April. If you could postpone your trip maybe I could drive you around, benefit from my fluency in Portuguese and split the cost of guides?
    My planned itirenary include Serra de Canatra (Maned wold, giant anteater and merganser), then south in direction to Ubatuba with stops in the mountains around Campo de Jordao. Though this second part is mostly about birding (of very high quality). The order is not really fixed yet so maybe, you could start with lion tamarins in Sao Paulo/Rio depending on the specie you intend to see and then join one leg of the trip ?

    Do not hesitate to contact me.

  • bonnie j shirley

    I would be very interested in my trip to the Western Sahara is canceled! However, the Pantanal at this time of year is not something I would be interested in as my son does research there and the mosquitos are beyond horrific at this time. I can send me email separately if you would be willing to let me travel with you! Thanks

  • bonnie j shirley

    *IF my trip to the Western Sahara is canceled

  • dactylor

    Thank Antoine,

    That would be amazing. I’ll see if I am abel to change up my plans a bit (depends on work).
    @antee I saw your comment on the trip report for Brazil. When are you planning to go there?

    Greetings Jens

  • dactylor

    Sadly enough it seems that Brazil probably will go in lock down in the next two weeks if I understand right.
    At least that is what I heared from a friend who used to live in Brazil. I dont know if anyone has
    other information. Probable alternative is Sri lanka.

  • Bonnie Shirley

    My son said that Brazil has never gone on lockdown, only some municipalities and states. He goes at least once a year and is going for the entire month of May this year…

  • Antoine Rabussier

    Yes I fully agree. My girlfriend is Brazilian and we keep our plans to go there end of March without foreseeing any lockdown.
    COVID situation is very much alike in Europe, people are vaccinated, there is a surge in case numbers due to omicron but hospital cases are down.

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